As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, DHL knows how to ship strange cargo. Hauling vehicles from one location to the next is a cakewalk for the experts at DHL. They proved this once again on July the 29th, when the company successfully delivered 40 fully-electric race cars to the site of the Formula E Championship finale. The season finale contains two races and DHL played a big role in making it all possible. The races took place along the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal.

Besides the race cars, DHL was also responsible for transporting lithium-ion batteries, charging stations, garage equipment, and track infrastructure. As the Official Logistics Partner of Formula E, DHL was responsible for transporting the cars and equipment for the ten teams that competed for the title. The Championship’s tour kicked off last year in Hong Kong.

Since then, DHL has hauled more than 450 tons of equipment, while simultaneously covering 50,000 kilometers. Over the course of the championship, the series touched down in eight countries across five continents. The freight for the North American races was transported from Europe to New York City using ocean freight. This allowed the equipment to be transported with approximately 100 times less CO2 emissions.

For the trip from New York City to Montreal, DHL transported all cargo via road. DHL is the first company in the transportation industry to set goals for improving their carbon efficiency. The company hopes to improve carbon efficiency 30% from the 2007 level by the year 2020. In New York City, DHL has an entirely green fleet. It consists of 49 fully-electric vans and 47 hybrid units. Just two weeks ago, it introduced its brand-new Cubicycle, which is an electrically-assisted delivery bike.

For additional details, be sure to check out DHL’s official press release here.

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