It is no secret that timing is everything, when it comes to buying and selling. Could a specialized keyboard give an edge over the markets? adblue, which is best known for their TradeMaster trading software, seems to think so. The company’s latest addition is the Trading Keyboard, which is specifically designed for manual traders. The company insists their keyboard can give you an advantage, regardless of the market you trade in or how you trade. The purpose of the adblue Trader Keyboard is to give the trader the opportunity to capitalize on potentially profitable trades, before they disappear.

The keyboard features dedicated buttons for selling and buying. The keyboard is completely pre-configured, so it can be used right out of the box. However, it is also equipped with a programmable mini-joystick for customizability and the fastest trading possible. The keyboard features a backlit trading panel and will keep you up to date regarding specifics, such as financial details, account balances, system information, and more. The adblue Trader Keyboard has built-in memory, which makes it possible to use it with multiple computers, without any difficulties.

The keyboard offers a handful of one-touch actions, such as setting a stop loss, take profit, close hedge, and more. The user can also customize the buttons to fit their precise needs. The adblue Trader Keyboard is based on the award-winning G13 Logitech Keyboard, so the majority should be familiar with its setup and design. Will it make you the next Warren Buffett? Probably not, but it is cool nonetheless. To learn more about the keyboard, be sure to click here.

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