The Affinity Medical Center has provided healthcare services to the Stark County community for more than a decade. On January 5, 2018, the Ohio Office of Workplace Development received a WARN notification from the hospital. According to the letter, DHSC LLC, which is doing business as Affinity Medical Center, will soon be closing its facility in Massillon, Ohio. The facility is located at 875 Eighth Avenue.

The company anticipates that the closure will begin with the cessation of clinical operations on February 4, 2018. All Affinity Medical Center services will be discontinued by March 6, 2018. The letter explains that the permanent discontinuance of all services will result in 692 current employees losing their positions by 12 AM on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Registered nurses working at Affinity are represented by the National Nurses Organizing Committee. The letter explains that there will be no bumping rights for RNs represented by the National Nurses Organizing Committee without an agreement between Affinity and the NNOC. Unrepresented employees will have no bumping rights.

According to the hospital’s website, a challenging regulatory environment and increasing financial pressure due to declining reimbursements have created an unsustainable operating environment for the hospital. The full WARN notification is available here.

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