The recent debacle with their smartphones has placed Samsung in a controversial media storm. Nonetheless, the company has taken it on the chin and has turned their attention to other markets. The company’s next venture will focus on home appliances. Their new built-in cooking line, which is expected to be available in November of 2016, will bring classy design, fluid connectivity, and unparalleled performance to the built-in category.

The lineup of products will be available in stainless steel and the black stainless steel finish consumers have come to expect from Samsung. Samsung has gone out of their way to ensure products from their new line will be able to match the styles of any kitchen. Features include illuminated knobs and various finished. And, all new appliances will be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for greater control. Homeowners will be able to remotely start, control and shutoff their ovens from anywhere by utilizing their smartphone.

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung’s cooktop can be synced to the range rood so the hood’s fans and lights can be turned on automatically when the cooktop is switched on. The built-in double and single wall ovens also feature the exclusive Steam Cook technology. The feature helps to turn any home chef into a professional, while ensuring immaculate results. The new lineup of products will include gas, induction, and electric cooktops, so all consumers will be able to find something that suits their precise needs.

The new built-in range hood is also one of a kind and products connectivity features and maximum cooking control. Again, the range hood can easily sync with the Samsung cooktop to automate some steps of the cooking process. The price of the range hood will deviate between $1,099 and $1,299. The price of the cooktop will depend on the type, whether it is electric or gas. Additional information can be acquired by visiting the company’s official press release here.

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