In February of this year, the United States of America filed a civil complaint against a Philadelphia retail store and its president for selling improperly labeled chickens, which had been stored under insanitary conditions. On Thursday, August 24, 2017, it was announced that the allegations against J & B Poultry Market and its president, Johnny Wong, had been resolved after the defendants entered into a Consent Decree. The announcement was made by Acting United States Attorney Louis D. Lappen on Thursday.

The Poultry Products Inspection Act makes it illegal for companies and individuals to sell misbranded or adulterated poultry. The SEC complaint alleged that USDA inspections of the store found that chickens stored at the facility were misbranded, because they lacked safe handling instructions and other information that was required by law.

They were also deemed adulterated, because they were stored under unacceptable conditions. It was alleged that poultry was held outside in the back of a pick-up truck and inside with ambient temperatures as high as eighty degrees.

The Consent Decree resolves the allegations and prohibits the defendants from violating the Poultry Products Inspection Act in the future. The decree is not final, until it is accepted by the United States District Court.

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