This week, reported that a New Jersey manufacturing facility would be laying off more than ten- percent of its workforce. The move comes after the company was hit with a substantial fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Just last month, Aluminum Shapes was fined $1.9 million by OSHA, after the agency claimed the firm had 51 violations. Some of the violations involved employee injuries, such as hospitalizations for chemical burns and broken bones.

According to Aluminum Shapes’ official website, the company manufactures products for various industries, including construction, architectural and transportation. They also make consumer goods and electrical machinery. After the citations, a spokesperson with Aluminum Shapes said that the company had taken steps to improve the facility’s safety. The company tripled its safety professionals and added an OSHA specialist.

Nevertheless, some workers will not be spared. This week, Aluminum Shapes confirmed that it would be cutting 51 workers or thirteen percent of its staff. The layoffs will impact unionized workers, as well as ten front office staff members. Four of those impacted are managers. This July, OSHA released a statement regarding the violations. The statement noted that the company had repeatedly failed to properly train its workers and provide adequate safety precautions.

Aluminum Shapes has already taken steps to challenge the fine.

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