Bango (AIM: BGO), a leading mobile payments company, confirmed this week that they had enabled a new payment method for Amazon customers in Japan. Now, Amazon customers with an NTT DOCOMO or KDDI mobile phone account will be able to charge their Amazon purchases directly to their mobile phone bill. The addition of carrier billing as an Amazon payment option increases the customer’s choices, while simultaneously simplifying the purchase process. Also, this payment method allows the customer to complete their purchase, without being forced to register their credit card details online.

Bango insists their technology guarantees security, reliability and customer success. While it may seem strange elsewhere, charging online payments to a phone bill has become very common in Japan. Carrier billing has become a staple of the Japanese market. In fact, this payment method is widely available online and in retail stores. Bango also believes it helps businesses engage with new customers and younger consumers.

The payment method became available on at the beginning of June. Also, the range of products that are eligible for this payment method has been expanded. KDDI and NTT DOCOMO cover approximately 75% of all mobile subscribers in Japan. Subscribers of KDDI or NTT DOCOMO can begin using carrier billing immediately by adding the payment method to their account. Then, purchases can be made from any device. The cost will be charged to the user’s post-paid phone bill.

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