Over the past few years, Amazon’s Prime Day has grown by epic proportions. In fact, there has been debate as to whether or not it can eventually surpass Black Friday. A recent survey from Market Track, LLC has some good and bad news. The leading provider of pricing intelligence solutions and advertising points to disappointing discounts when compared to this year’s Black Friday, but the event is still expected to be bigger than ever. The study revealed that prices in certain categories were almost always lower during Black Friday and Cyber Monday than on Prime Day.

The study found that across categories and listings 74% were lower on Black Friday. The prices were 72% lower on Cyber Monday. Prime Day did hit a homerun in one category, televisions. On average, television prices were noticeably lower on Prime Day. Nevertheless, the Amazon hosted event has become a major hit among consumers. And, the event continues to grow in popularity. Market Track spoke with 1,200 consumers. 58% of those individuals admitted they planned to partake in Prime Day sales.

Last year, the number was only 34%. The company believes the growth can be attributed to the consistent growth of Amazon’s Prime program, as well as additional publicity for past events. As for Amazon’s ecommerce dominance, it hasn’t lost a step. The study revealed that around 89% of customers were regular Amazon shoppers. 43% admitted to shopping on the site at least once a week. It was also confirmed that consumers rely on reviews just as much as ever. 81% of survey participants admitted they looked at Amazon’s reviews and ratings before finalizing their purchase.

Those interested in looking at the study closer can do so by visiting MarketTrack’s official website here.

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