As an Amazon Prime customer, you’re presented with a large quantity of totally free mobile applications and games. Games, such as Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and Wreck-It Ralph, can be downloaded for free. Even games, which normally have in-game purchases, are made available for free with all of the bells and whistles to Underground customers. Today, the package got even sweeter. Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ: WIFI) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) have teamed up to provide Underground customers with access to fast, free Wi-Fi. Boingo Wireless, which is a leading provider of DAS and Wi-Fi, intends to provide Wi-Fi to Android users, who download the company’s Wi-Finder application from Amazon Underground.

Amazon Underground is already home to thousands of 100% free premium applications and the addition of Boingo’s Wi-Fi certainly enhances the offering. Today’s exclusive offer will provide Underground customers with access to a 6-month subscription to Boingo’s Wi-Fi services. The company has thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, cafes and airports. Consumers are not required to submit any credit card information, watch ads, or jump through any hoops, in order to begin taking full advantage of the service right away. Just download the mobile application through Amazon’s Underground platform and create a Boingo account.

For additional information about Boingo and their services, be sure to check out the company’s official website at

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