SEATTLE–( BUSINESS WIRE )–(NASDAQ:AMZN)—Amazon today announced an enhancement to Amazon Video: introducing Amazon Video Direct (AVD), a new self-service program for creators and storytellers to make their video content available to Amazon customers, including tens of millions of Prime members. Amazon Video is the only streaming service to offer […]


Amazon is undeniably one of the most unpredictable companies ever. The company has been described in a number of different ways, including a monopoly, overvalued and even unstoppable. Whether or not these characteristics fit depend on who you ask. However, there is one thing that remains universally true. Amazon is unafraid of taking risks. Some of these gambles, such as the Fire Phone, has fallen flat. Amazon’s Prime service has not and its Amazon Video service is about to get better.

It is safe to say Amazon directly competes with Hulu and Netflix. Their innovative maneuver, which takes a page out of the YouTube playbook, may very well give them an edge over the aforementioned competitors. The new Amazon Video Direct, AVD, program allows video creators to make their content available to Amazon customers. For some creators, the opportunity might seem like a dream come true. The AVD program, which starts today, allows video providers to choose from an array of distribution options.

They can opt to make their content available to Prime members for free, offer it as an add-on subscription, sell each piece individually, or make it available to everyone with ad-support. The new program will undoubtedly attract new users and will also encourage more individuals to begin utilizing Amazon’s video service. Will it be able to give them an advantage over other video providers? Only time will tell, but Amazon should be credited for thinking outside of the box and their willingness to take risks.

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