On February the 3rd, the Florida-based insurance provider, American Integrity Insurance Company announced the addition of their brand-new golf cart insurance coverage. The announcement effectively makes the company the only Florida-based homeowners insurance provider willing to offer this type of standalone coverage. Florida is one of the biggest hubs for golf carts. The state has more than 1,100 golf courses and anyone 14 years and older can drive a cart, without needing to obtain a driver’s license.

The golf cart insurance provided by American Integrity will closely resemble traditional auto insurance policies. The protections available include injury liability coverage, collision coverage, property damage liability coverage, and comprehensive coverage. By signing up for the right policy, consumers will be able to protect themselves and their golf carts in the event of an automobile accident, theft, fire, property damage, or even an injury.

Consumers will also have the freedom to choose from numerous deductible options for the collision and comprehensive coverage. The company intends to offer insurance with liability limitations up to $500,000 under certain circumstances. American Integrity will also offer discount to certain clients, including those that can prove they’ve had continuous coverage within the past 6 months. Besides the addition of golf cart coverage, American Integrity also launched its umbrella product this year.

The umbrella policy makes it possible for consumers to gain extra liability coverage for their existing auto, home or watercraft policy limitations. The company also offers a variety of other insurance products, including condominium unit owners coverage, homeowners insurance, rental property coverage, and manufactured home insurance. The company is currently in the process of developing new products and intends to launch more over the course of the current year. Those that are interested in learning more about American Integrity’s new golf cart insurance should check out the company’s official website at www.aiicfl.com.

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