On June the 8th, Force Protection Video Equipment (OTCQB: FPVD), confirmed that Amsterdam police had begun equipping their officers with LE50 HD body cameras for evaluation purposes. The cameras were sold by Force Protection’s exclusive European distributor. The LE50 Cameras feature a rugged HD design. They rely on Ambarella’s chips to make them capable of recording high definition video. Each LE50 camera is certified by the IC, Ce and FCC. The certifications help to provide customers with reassurance that they’re getting a high quality product that will prove to be worth the investment.

The company’s CEO, Paul Feldman, admits, “We are hopeful the successful implementation of the LE50 by the Amsterdam Police is the first step in our international marketing of the Force Protection Body camera systems.” The LE50 and LE10 cameras from Force Protection Video are incorporated with chips manufactured by Ambarella. This is the same chip supplier that makes chips for many GoPro sports cameras. The use of the cameras will attempt to determine whether or not the presence of body cameras can make the work of police safer.

Police officials believe people will behave less violently when they realize they’re being filmed. The two-year pilot will attempt to determine whether or not this it true. Simultaneously, law enforcement officials will use the recorded video as evidence in the court of law. In Amsterdam, all 17 bass teams will be fitted with body cameras. Dog leaders will also be responsible for carrying a camera. The agency confirms that use of the body cam is not mandatory. Instead, officers have discretion to turn the camera on and off when they feel it is necessary to do so.

Some of the 115 cameras will be able to stream live images to the reporting room. Images and videos can also be stored in the secure network for a period of four weeks or longer, if necessary. Law enforcement officials will need to make citizens aware that they’re being recorded. Additional details about the study can be found here.

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