Applied DNA Sciences provides innovative, molecular-based technology solutions to companies around the world. The company’s services aim to protect products, brands and even supply chains. On May the 15th, the firm confirmed they had taken the fight to international gangs of car thieves in Europe. In February of 2016, BMW incorporated a mandatory DNA marking program for new vehicles in the Country of Sweden. The program, which has been supported by several insurance brands, has proven to be a success. The unique measure has curbed thefts by more than 80 percent and has simultaneously helped secure prosecutions for criminals involved in chop shops.

Gangs with access to international distribution networks often see more value in a chopped car’s components than the car itself. SigNature DNA from Applied DNA Sciences allows automobile parts to be tracked back to the original vehicle. The company confirms the technology has already helped police in numerous events. In Lithuania, the technology was recently used to identify the origin of 17 marked parts. 17 of the 60 stolen automobile parts were tracked back to the source and their original owner.

SmartDNA’s Leif Svensson has admitted the program has become a necessity, due to the rapid growth of automobile theft in Sweden. He went on to state, “Last year alone, our country was due to start about 3 thousand pre-trial investigations for car theft. And in each case, the victim’s or insurance company’s losses amounted to between 15 and 20 thousand euros.” Svensson confirmed Swedish authorities were able to detain 39 Lithuanians for the theft of car parts in 2016.

Kaunas County Police 3rd Division Chief Aleksejus Gubenko believes the technology is helping to send a message to thieves. He also believes DNA technology will eventually be available anywhere. President and CEO Applied DNA, Dr. James Hayward, believes their SigNature DNA technology can aid police, protect the consumer and prevent funding to other criminal activities. More details can be found here.

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