Smart home technology is growing ever popular. Simultaneously, Americans absolutely love their dogs. Audio Analytic wants to ensure both can coincide together seamlessly. Soon, dog lovers will be able to utilize their preexisting smart home system to interact and monitor their dog. The next generation of smart home products will utilize AI-based sound recognition software to differentiate between barks and other common noises. The potential uses are virtually endless, but some of the most notable would be turning on lights, deterring intruders, and even alerting the homeowner so they can check on their pet through a live video stream.

The innovative dog bark software is scheduled to be unveiled today at the IoT World. Audio Analytic’s CEO, Dr. Chris Mitchell, will showcase the technology during his presentation on ‘Understanding machine learning and audio event detection’. The dog bark software sensor utilizes the company’s ai3 software platform and other established software sensors, such as baby cry, CO/smoke alarm detector, and window break. Since the software is hardware agnostic, it can be used for a variety of products ranging from security cameras and light bulbs to digital assistants.

audio analytic dog bark smart home

Dr. Mitchell expresses the company’s desire to make technology more helpful to consumers than ever before. He states, “By giving smart products the ability to respond to what is going on around them, we can create the intelligent home of the future, not just the connected one that we have today”. He confirms that the software is compatible with standard MEMs microphones and integration is made easy by small code and memory footprint. During the IoT presentation, Audio Analytic will also give attendees an opportunity to glimpse into its roadmap for 2017.

The company is also expected to attend the Connections Conferences in San Francisco on May the 23rd to the 25th. A video presentation can be found on the company’s official website at

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