Earlier this week, August Home Inc. announced a handful of new updates for the products that assemble their Smart Home Access Solution. This includes the company’s smart lock, doorbell cam and smart keypad. The new features make these products more beneficial than before, while simultaneously expanding on the company’s goal to give customers more control over their home. First and foremost, the company has added contextual alerts for the smart lock’s auto-unlock mechanism.

The Auto-Unlock feature is undoubtedly one of the smart lock’s selling points. This feature makes it possible for consumers to simply walk up to their door and watch the lock unlock automatically. Nearly half of August’s customer rely on the Auto-Unlock mechanism as their primarily entry method. Now, users can opt to receive Auto-Unlock contextual alerts giving them the ability to know exactly when the feature is in use. The new contextual alerts notify users when they have left the “neighborhood”. This can switch the Auto-Unlock into an Away mode to prevent intrusion.

The Smart Keypad has also received major updates. Users now have the opportunity of setting temporary and even recurring entry codes. This can be very beneficial for allowing service providers to enter your property temporarily. It may also be ideal for Airbnb users. For increased control over access to their home, smart keypad owners can now set and distribute temporary, recurring, and always-on entry codes. Temporary codes allow access for a limited period of time. After the time has elapsed, the code will automatically expire. The recurring entry code repeats weekly.

Finally, users can now get image preview alerts from the August Doorbell Cam. This new upgrade makes it easier and quicker to see who is at the front door. iOS users just need to press and hold the expandable alert. This will display a snapshot of the activity going on outside. Android users can utilize the feature as well. The August app has been upgraded to make it possible for users to alter the name of their house and photo. The settings can now be adjusted from a single menu.

August is continually providing customers with innovative updates that make their smart home devices more beneficial than ever. Additional details about the latest round of updates can be found here.

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