Earlier this week, August Home, which is primarily known for its smart locks, confirmed they had teamed up with HomeAway Inc. The collaborative effort will now make it possible for HomeAway hosts to give their guests effortless access using nothing more than a PIN code. This will be achieved by incorporating the August Smart Lock and the Smart Keypad into the existing rental property. After a guest has made their reservation, HomeAway will automatically deliver a PIN code to the guest through the HomeAway app. Guests need to do nothing else.

The vacation rental market sees consistent growth, which is often fueled by technological innovations, including smart home technology. This technology simplifies the rental process for hosts and guests, while also making the rental property more secure. According to a research study conducted by August Home, consumers are far more likely to complete a rental reservation when smart home technology is installed on the property. Simultaneously, more than half are willing to pay more for a smart home enabled vacation rental home.

This growing trend is expected to continue well into the future, with 85% of hosts and 77% of guests believing smart home technology will be an essential component of all rentals in the future. HomeAway hosts can easily sign up for the project by creating an account with August. Then, hosts will need to interlink their August and HomeAway accounts. Once completed, the host will be able to find PIN codes in the HomeAway’s Owner Dashboard for guest reservations. Additional information can be found at BusinessWire.

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