On October 11, 2017, the State of Michigan received a WARN notification from Automotive Component Carrier. The company is owned by Penske Logistics. In November of 2015, Automotive Component Carrier laid off 71 drivers, because they failed to secure a contract with General Motors. At the time, the company had facilities in Lansing, Milford, Saginaw, Flint Township and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

According to the company’s most recent WARN notification, they currently employ around 155 individuals at its Lansing and Flint, Michigan terminals. The Flint facility is located at G2051 West Bristol Road. The Lansing facility is located at 7100 Millett Highway.

The WARN notification alerted the Michigan Department of Labor that the company could soon be laying off roughly 60 individuals. Once again, the layoff is due to the fact that ACC will no longer be providing General Motors with certain transportation services.

Employees impacted by the permanent layoff are represented by the UAW Local Union 659. The layoff is expected to be completed with the close of business on December 30, 2017.

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