The dog oriented mobile application, BarkHappy, launched nationwide today. The crowd-sources application is designed to better familiarize dog owners with the dog-friendly world surrounding them. The app will provide users with the ability to quickly and easily discover dog-friendly locations and events within their local areas. According to the company’s press release, the app will develop a connected community of dog owners and their dogs, while also providing dog related businesses and events a platform to showcase their offerings.

The application was put through a trial in three cities and quickly won over the hearts of residents in Austin, Seattle, and Portland. BarkHappy takes on a social network-type feel, by allowing users to create profiles for their pooches, while including information such as the dog’s age, breed and personality. Then, dog owners can use the app to find potential friendly matches within their vicinity and begin scheduling meetings and play dates. The group has managed to compile a comprehensive, nationwide database of over 20,000 dog-friendly establishments, which include bars, parks, hotels, vets and restaurants. Each establishment page provides further details regarding the establishment’s friendliness level and accommodations made for pooches.

Businesses are added to the database for free and any user can add a local business and begin sharing it with the community. Another great feature associated with BarkHappy is the lost dog alert mechanism. With BarkHappy, dogs and dog owners will now have their own Amber Alert System. The service, which can be used for free, gives consumers the ability to create a lost dog alert, while providing pertinent information, such as details regarding the dog’s appearances, pictures and owner contact information. Then, those nearby will be able to use the provided information to pinpoint lost dogs on the BarkHappy mapping system.

Once the missing dog has been accepted into the database, an alert will be sent out to all users within a close vicinity, so they can begin looking for the missing pooch right away. The application has been in development for an extensive period of time and originally entered its trial stage in Austin, Texas in July of 2015. BarkHappy Inc., which is responsible for the mobile app, was founded by Ninis Samuel, who has worked with several Fortunre 500 tech companies, such as Nokia, Microsoft and Lenovo. The application can now be downloaded for free via the iTunes App Store and Google’s Play Store.

For further information, consumers are advised to visit the company’s official website at

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