This week, Bemax Inc. (OTCBB: BMXC) announced that its private label, Mother’s Touch, was now available for purchase on The company has positioned itself to commence sales of the brand to Wal-Mart customers. Now that Bemax is an approved Wal-Mart vendor, it has completed the onboarding process of its private label disposable diapers to Now, customers will have the opportunity to purchase the Mother’s Choice brand through with free shipping.

Bemax will ensure timely deliveries are made to customers by working out of two warehouse locations, Bellingham and Atlanta. Over the coming weeks, Bemax plans to continue onboarding newer packing of Mother’s Touch to, while also hoping to introduce complementary product offerings. The company will continue to innovate, while expanding their retail and wholesale distribution capabilities globally.

Bemax Inc. is an American company that produces consumer staples and household products. Bemax strives to keep a diversified customer base, while maintaining lower production costs than famous brand news. To learn more about the company, be sure to visit their official website at

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