Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) has remained one of the most recognized retailers of technological products. The company will attempt to place an emphasis on the importance of new technology by introducing their customers to latest products from the world’s most intriguing startup companies. The new Ignite program will give consumers the ability to learn about the products from startup companies, when visiting their local Best Buy stores. In the future, space within Best Buy stores will be dedicated to products and services offered by startups. The company’s Mountain View store will become the first to feature a new Ignite segment.

The Ignite portion of the store provides consumers will further insight into the products from startup companies, including those below.

  • Crowd-funded gadgets, such as the Noke Bluetooth padlock, Flic smart button, Zuli Smart Plug and RoBo 3D printer
  • Wearable technology
  • Audio devices, including Muzik headphones and Bragi wireless smart earphones

Out of the Bay Area, hundreds of Best Buy stores will feature other innovative devices, including the Luma Home Wi-Fi System, Keen Home smart vent, Petcube Pet Camera, and the Anova Precision Cooker. The company’s new partnership with PCH will ensure Best Buy customers are able to gain information about startups and their products faster than anyone else. Best Buy will also launch a new website update, which will add an Ignite segment. This is expected to be added sometime later this fall.

The new section will give consumers the ability to browse through the latest products from startups and make purchases. Startup companies do not need to wait around. They can sign up for the Ignite program immediately, by visiting the company’s website at Startup companies will receive many benefits by becoming a member, including gaining the ability to market their products to early adopters. Those accepted into the program will be connected with an expert, who will help configure a personalized market strategy, which ensures maximum exposure.

Whether you’re a simple consumer or are a part of a startup company, you should definitely check out BestBuy’s Ignite program as soon as possible.

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