According to Nationwide Insurance claims statistics, around 13% of all automobile accidents occur within parking lots. Bosch announced today that they intend to offer rectification for this problem, with their upcoming Home Zone Park Assist. The brand new system, which is expected to be ready for production in 2019, will be capable of handling repeating parking maneuvers autonomously. The technology products supplier sincerely believes the new system will be able to decrease the number of accidents within parking lots and at home.

According to the company’s press release, the Home zone park assist will allows consumers to control their vehicle’s parking via their smartphone. Consumers will be able to maintain control over the action even when outside of the vehicle. The technology will allow the consumer to guide the car into the parking space, but will also do so autonomously, if required. The system can park the vehicle up to 100 meters away. The system isn’t entirely automated, since it does require the driver to monitor the process for accuracy.

And, the system is specifically designed to carry out repeated maneuvers, such as parking at home or within an assigned spot. How does it work? Well, the Home zone park assist will actually familiarize itself with the driver’s parking maneuvers and will be able to carry them out independently with the push of a button. According to Bosch, the system will only need to be taught a specific sequence once. The driver will initiate the learning mode, before driving slowly to the space in question.

The system will track and record each moment the driver makes, so they can be carried out consecutively at a later time. Drivers will have the option to remain within the vehicle or to step outside and control the process from their smartphone or a dead man’s switch located on their ignition key. The new Bosch system will be able to memorize and carry out 10 parking maneuvers.

The Home zone park assist will rely on an array of ultrasonic sensor to take note of the vehicle’s position and surroundings at all times. If the sensor spots a foreign object, it’ll actually stop. If the obstacle can be avoided safely, the system will guide the vehicle around it, until the vehicle reaches its destination. Furthermore, the Home zone park assist will be able to spot and correct inaccuracies. And finally, the system can be used in reverse to pull the vehicle out of its designated parking spot and to the previous starting position. This will make it possible for the user to push the associated button, wait for their vehicle’s arrival, jump in, and drive away.

For additional details regarding the Home zone park assist, be sure to check out the company’s website.

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