On Monday, it was announced that three men from the Boston, Massachusetts area had been sentenced in connection with the online sales of stolen Gillette razor blades. One of the men is a former employee of Gillette. 63-year-old Joseph Evangelista, 52-year-old Robert A. Liberatore and 44-year-old Mark S. Girardin were sentenced to three years of probation.

Liberatore will be required to spend his first six months of probation on home confinement. Girardin will spend his first six months in a community confinement center. He will serve the second six months on home confinement. Evangelista will be required to abide by a curfew for six months. All three men are subject to electronic monitoring.

Girardin and Liberatore were ordered to pay $116,028 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service. Evangelista was ordered to pay $56,023 in restitution to Gillette. In August of 2017, Evangelista pleaded guilty to a single count of causing the interstate transportation of stolen property. Girardin and Liberatore pleaded guilty to two counts of filing false tax returns.

Evangelista was a former employee of Gillette. He stole razor blades from a Gillette manufacturing plant in South Boston. The goods were later delivered to Liberatore and Girardin, who operated an online business called Cambridge Dedicated Services. The online business sold numerous items on eBay. This included Gillette razor blades.

Girardin and Liberatore failed to report the income generated from the online sales on their annual federal tax returns. More details can be found here.

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