Unfortunately, the theft of off-road vehicles, commercial equipment, and agricultural equipment is far more common than most people think. The problem is complicated further by the fact that usually only law enforcement and the victim are made aware of the crime. This often allows the culprit to go unpunished. In Butler County, Kansas, the Sheriff’s Office has launched a new program to try and curb the theft of livestock, off-road vehicles, and commercial and agricultural equipment. The new tool, LOCATE, will help to ensure residents are made aware of such crime, so they can report potentially helpful information to the authorities.

LOCATE stands for “Livestock, Off-road vehicle, Commercial and Agricultural Thefts Electronic Network”. The program is designed to make the community more informed about these crimes. In return, local residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the authorities. The program is completely free, so anyone can become a member without needing to pay a fee. Once the consumer or business has signed up, they’ll be put on a distribution list and will begin receiving emails from LOCATE.

Authorities want consumers to realize that LOCATE does not replace the 911 system. If a piece of equipment has been stolen from your property, you are encouraged to dial 911. Members of the community can join LOCATE by sending their name, address, phone numbers, and business type to locate@bucoks.com. Alternatively, they can call 316-322-4257 or visit the Sheriff Office’s official website at www.bucosheriff.org.

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