Cradlepoint is one of the global leaders in cloud-based network solutions and strives to keep people, places and things connected whether wirelessly or wired. On January the 9th, the company announced ChargeItSpot had been utilizing its services to keep their phone charging kiosks connected. ChargeItSpot has strategically placed charging stations in retail establishments, arenas, malls, hospitals, and even casinos. Thanks to the collaboration with Cradlepoint, ChargeItSpot can maintain their peace of mind knowing each of their kiosks is secure and always connected no matter where it is located.

An array of businesses, such as Nordstrom, Under Armour, Neiman Marcus, and even Caesars Entertainment, rely on ChargeItSpot and their kiosks to expand their brand, while simultaneously growing their revenue. A recent study carried out by GfK concluded that ChargeItSpot users spend twice as long shopping, while also converting at an increased rate. Ultimately, they result in larger transaction totals at the register. ChargeItSpot relies on Cradlepoint’s COR series to maintain the connectivity of their kiosks and to keep the customer’s phone safe throughout the entire ordeal.

under armour charging station

The Cradlepoint solution implements the use of secure VPN functionality to keep the user’s data safe. In return, this ensures the network utilized by the venue or retail store is separate from the ChargeItSpot network and basically untouched. ChargeItSpot wants to make it as simple as possible for consumers to keep their phones charged no matter where they go. One way they eliminate the hassle is by providing consumers all around the world with access to all of their ChargeItSpot locations via a free mobile applications.

The mobile app is available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. The company’s locked-based charging solution is used by many companies, including Verizon Wireless, Dell, Westfield Malls, Caesars Entertainment, and many more. According to Cradlepoint, more than 15,000 enterprise and government organizations rely on their services to keep sites, vehicles, devices connected and protected. The cooperative effort from Cradlepoint and ChargeItSpot empowers consumers to remain connected on the go. To learn more about both companies, be sure to check out the official press release here.

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