Skuid, which is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was founded by Ken McElrath. The company focuses primarily on cloud software and they have just recently released a new product, while also adding more than sixty new employees to their team. The new product, Skuid Brooklyn, allows customers to join data sources from various enterprise software platforms to create applications, without needing to write any code. The company has now added Amazon Web Services to their list of preferred Cloud infrastructure providers. AWS will join Salesforce, which has been in a longstanding partnership with the firm.

According to the company, customers will be able to create apps quicker than ever before, since the Skuid platform will give them the ability to click and connect to data from almost any source. By utilizing the simple drag-and-drop user interface, customers will be able to quickly assemble sites, applications and portals. Skuid currently claims to have more than 5 millions clients in approximately 30 countries. During this year, they opened offices in Zurich, Switzerland and London. While they’re based out of Chattanooga, the company also has offices near the San Francisco Bar area.

During the past year, the firm has increased their employee count by more than 60. They currently employ around 125 employees, with more than half being based out of Chattanooga. The company also employs full-time workers, who ply their trade remotely from various states. At the same time, Skuid has begun to collect a sizeable customer base, with the likes of Open Gate Consulting, GE Oil & Gas, and Intuit. The company also claims to have more than doubled their revenue, custom base, and company size over the previous year.

Last November, Skuid was named a finalist of The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Innovation Awards. While Chattanooga and Tennessee in general are not considered tech hubs, Skuid could very well change that in the near future. To learn more about Skuid and their services, be sure to check out their official website at

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