Two companies have announced significant layoffs in the State of Texas. On August 14, 2017, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen submitted a WARN notice confirming that it would be laying off 69 workers. The move comes after Darden purchased Cheddar’s for $780 million in March of this year. Around that time, Darden announced that it would relocate the Cheddar’s headquarters from Texas to Orlando.

Cheddar’s expects the jobs to be phased out by the end of January. The company has also offered to relocate approximately 30 of the workers from Irving to Orlando. Workers that were not offered a relocation deal or turned down the offer will be given a severance package. Workers that are not relocating are being offered a retention bonus to stick around until the office in Irving officially closes.

Also on August 14, 2017, the State of Texas received a WARN notification from Sunoco LP. According to Sunoco’s WARN notice, the company will be laying off 110 workers in Corpus Christi on October 13, 2017. Sunoco’s announcement comes as the company plans to sell more than 1,100 Stripes stores to 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven announced it would pay $3.3 billion for more than 1,100 stores from Sunoco in April of this year.

A spokeswoman for Sunoco admitted that further layoffs are impending, but the exact time or size of the reduction remain unknown. Some of the impacted employees have already been offered positions with 7-Eleven. The spokeswoman with Sunoco made it clear that all workers would be offered severance packages.

Sunoco has also notified the state of Pennsylvania that it will be laying off 94 workers at its Newtown Square offices. The move will reduce Sunoco’s workforce in the area to roughly 150 workers.

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