Philips Lighting is one of the world leaders in the lighting industry. On September the 19th, the company announced that they had entered into a partnership with the City of Los Angeles to enhance the city’s smart city capabilities. According to the company, the initiative will help enhance public safety, while improving city services for residents and visitors. Philips Lighting will deploy new technology, as well as Internet of Things, IoT, functionality with the utilization of the city’s current connected street lighting infrastructure. Sensors will be attached to street poles throughout the city, while software will help to collect and analyze information.

This will help establish new programs with relevant partners, while making the city more transparent. Acoustic sensors will work in correlation with environmental noise monitoring sensors to speed up emergency response time and deliver support to victims of automobile collisions much more rapidly. The system will also ensure police, fire, and EMS personnel are able to gain access to this information as quickly as possible. Currently, the City of Los Angeles has around 200,000 street lights. These lights are valuable assets for the city and help to ensure people can get around without any difficulty.

The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting began the initiation phase of the Philips CityTouch system as early as possible. The system is designed to integrate with existing mobile networks, while providing city officials with the ability to control, manage, and monitor streets lights with ease. The system also makes it possible for the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting to determine how much energy is consumed by each street light. The recently announced pilot program will enhance the system’s functionalities immensely.

Additional sensor nodes will be added and new applications will be tested, so the city can enhances its infrastructure investment to the maximum. The following will be implemented this year.

  • Environmental Noise Monitoring – Will be used to monitor noise pollution, while giving officials the ability to response to automobile accidents more rapidly.
  • Grid Health Monitoring – Can provide officials with information regarding outages almost instantly.
  • Advanced Maintenance – System will increase maintenance planning effectiveness, while lowering costs.

If the new program is deemed to be a success, it will likely be expanded to other cities throughout the country. In fact, your city could be next. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s newest press release.

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