Residents in Prescott, Arizona are braced for upcoming winter weather. They’re not the only ones making preparations. The city of Prescott has launched a brand new Snow Removal section on their website to better inform residents of the ongoing cleanup in their area. The goal of the webpage is to provide residents with timely updates on snow removal efforts within the city’s limits. Residents, who venture over to the webpage, will provided with a graphical map.

The map provides information, such as streets that are maintained by the city and those that are not. It also outlines the city’s limits, so consumers can quickly determine whether or not their residence and roadway is the city’s responsibility. The map also clearly distinguishes primary plow streets, which tend to receive more attention from the city. The webpage also provides Prescott residents with a comprehensive FAQs page, where they’ll be able to find answers to many of their current questions.

The city’s website suggests there are more than 600 lane miles in the city that must be plowed. The city also admits four to six inches of snow typically requires two days of plowing to be cleared thoroughly. Residents should be aware that plowing usually does not begin until the snow has stopped falling. While the Snow Removal page is certainly a small addition to the city’s website, it is a step in the right direction towards providing locals with information in a timely manner. Residents that want to learn more about the City of Prescott’s snow removal services are advised to visit their official website here.

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