On March the 23rd, Comcast Business unveiled their brand-new SmartOffice video surveillance solution. As crime has climbed higher, businesses far and wide have been forced to place more emphasis on security. The SmartOffice service will attempt to deliver the reassurance that business owners deserve. The video surveillance solution offers advanced monitoring, which can improve efficiency for small to medium sized businesses. Once a business has enrolled in the service, they’ll be able to record, store, access, and share video twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The service is now available in selected markets. Comcast also expects to expand the service to their current service areas in the near future.

The SmartOffice solution provides small to medium sized businesses with advanced video capabilities and the following benefits.

  • 720p HD camera provide businesses with crystal clear images
  • Cameras offer night vision functionality, zoom and a wide view
  • Cloud storage offers 30 days of video storage
  • Business owners can give up to 4 employees access to recorded footage
  • Accessible via mobile devices. Recorded and live video can be accessed with smartphones and tablets through the SmartOffice Mobile App
  • No limitations. The first camera is included, while additional cameras can be added for a monthly free.

Comcast also wants businesses to realize that they’ll also offer technical assistance during the installation process. During the installation process an experienced technician with work with SMBs to pinpoint areas where monitoring is needed the most. Comcast will also provide enrollees with camera maintenance, repairs and replacements.

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