Earlier this year, the leading provider of smart home solutions, Control4 (NASDAQ: CTRL), announced its new Pakedge PowerPak family of power control components. The new devices empower Control4 and Pakedge dealers to rectify problems from afar. This ensures that problems can be solved without a costly onsite service visit. The PowerPak PDUs enable centralized power control and surge protection. BakPak-enabled dealers will be able to monitor and manage the PowerPak PDUs for all of their customers from a single interface.

The PowerPak line features a handful of new features, which make them more impressive than the older alternatives. For instance, non-responsive devices are now capable of self-healing. And, thresholds for current and voltage draw are now available. With built-in UL1449 surge protection, consumers will no longer have to worry about an outage or surge destroying their smart home devices. SafeStart boot sequencing has also been incorporated into the devices to ensure that modems, routers, and switches can turn on in the correct order. The power control devices differ slightly depending on the user’s region.

In the United States and North America, the device contains 9 outlets. For international markets, 8 IEC plugs are present. PowerPak outlets can be controlled individually through a web browser or the telnet interface. They can also be preprogrammed for added convenience. The new PowerPak 8i and PowerPak9, which have an MSRP of $600 USD, are available and shipping as of April the 9th. They’re available to all current Pakedge and Control4 dealers. Additional details can be found at www.control4.com.

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