On November the 5th, the city of Coral Gables announced the launch of their new Wellness Wednesdays initiative. It is no secret that many Americans do not obtain a sufficient amount of exercise and this has led to widespread obesity and severe health risks. Coral Gables wants residents of the city to get active and motivated to exercise. Now, residents can spend their free time working out, dining and shopping on Miracle Mile. The brand new weekly series will provide residents with access to workouts closer to home and the office.

Yoga, Zumba and boot camps will be provided to local residents for free of charge. The classes are scheduled to be held each Wednesday between the hours of 6pm and 7pm. The events will take place at The Plaza, which is located at 150 Miracle Mile. If the sun is in the sky, residents will be able to partake in the fun. The program is collaboration between the city and the local yoga studio greenmonkey. Greenmonkey will provide their instructors to the effort in hopes of promoting healthier and more active lifestyles. Gable gyms, retailers and other restaurants will also partake in the events. Some will offer beverages, while others intend to give away items.

Retail establishments will also be on hand to sell products and deliver promotional materials to the public. Wellness Wednesdays is the first in a lineup of initiatives, which will be launched by the City of Coral Gables in the coming months. Upcoming events include Jazz in the Gables and Movies on the Mile. The city is expected to provide additional information for these events in the near future. Those that are interested in learning more about Coral Gables and their Well Wednesdays are advised to check out their official website here.

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