Earlier this week, the Dayton Power and Light Company, DP&L, announced new discounts, which they hope will give consumers more initiative and more opportunity to save money. DP&L, which is a subsidiary or The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), has confirmed that all current customers are eligible for a limited-time discount from Nest. By taking advantage of the offering, customers will save money initially and on their energy bills over a period of time.

From June the 29th to July the 8th, Nest will be providing customers with 50 dollars off their Nest Smart Thermostat. DP&L is also offering a $75 rebate. Vectren has followed in suit with DP&L and is also offering a matching rebate. The current starting price for a new Nest Thermostat sits at $249. With the combined discounts, the price can be reduced to just $49.

However, consumers will need to act quickly, since Nest’s $50 discount is only available until the end of July the 8th. The rebates offered by Vectren and DP&L will continue beyond this date, while funding lasts. It is widely accepted that smart thermostats can decrease energy usage and lower energy bills. These smart home devices can learn and adapt to the family’s lifestyle to ensure they receive maximum comfort at the most appropriate times.

Simultaneously, smart thermostats remain connected to the Internet, giving the consumer the ability to adjust their home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Those interested in learning more about the discount from DP&L should visit dpandl.com/thermostat promptly. The eligibility requirements are as follows.

  • Be a current DP&L customer
  • Purchase a new smart thermostat between March the 1st of 2017 and December the 31st of 2017
  • Rebates are limited to 2 per customer account
  • Offer is only available while funding lasts
  • Rebate is limited to the overall purchase price

Current DP&L and Vectren customers will receive the rebate instantly. DP&L customers, who are not Vectren customers, will need to apply for the rebate.

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