On May the 1st, Deep Sentinel, which develops advanced artificial intelligence technologies for home protection, announced the closing of 7.4 million dollars in venture capital funding. The company is founded by Amazon veteran David Selinger. It intends to completely reshape home protection technology by enabling devices to predict crime in real time. Through a combination of artificial intelligence, sophisticated camera hardware and computer vision, the firm believes their AI-based home security systems will be able spot and stop crime before it happens. Multiple technology investors contributed to the funding. The round was led by Shasta Ventures and another investment came directly from Jeff Bezos’ personal investment company, Bezos Expeditions.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, David Selinger, insists “Current home security is ineffective, failing millions of homeowners and wasting valuable resources of our law enforcement agencies across the US.” Selinger believes Deep Sentinel’s sophisticated AI in correlation with computer vision and deep learning algorithms, will be able to predict and stop crimes before they can even occur. The Intelligent Crime Prevention will replace the burglar alarm utilizing a proprietary AI, which has been perfectly optimized for security purposes.

The company has filed 4 patents for its unique approach to AI and its use for home security. Deep Sentinel’s complex algorithms have been developed to determine whether or not a crime is about to occur. Once a potential crime is detected, alert systems will be triggered to ensure intervention is possible before the crime escalates. Deep Sentinel’s outdoor camera solution relies heavily on their cutting-edge, fully-integrated AI software. Deep Sentinel is backed up by a thoroughly experienced executive team that has commercialized machine and deep learning technologies all across the globe.

Current CEO and co-founder, David Selinger, started his career with Amazon in the R&D field. There, he developed a commercial product recommendation system. He is also known for co-founding Redfin and RichRelevance. The other co-founder, Winston Chen, leads the team’s engineering efforts in the United States and Taiwan. Those interested in learning more can do so here.

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