Earlier this week, DHL Global Forward announced plans to accelerate the supply chain for the Norwegian seafood industry. The air and ocean fright specialist has already started shipping live crabs and seafood from the Lakselv Airport Banak to Northern American and Asia. The company will also begin dedicating a weekly flight to fresh seafood. For the weekly flight, DHL will carry fresh seafood from their terminal in Oslo to South Korea, Japan, the United States and other destinations. Thanks to its close vicinity, the entire logistics is precisely timed to ensure shipments can be delivered in pristine condition.

The first flight took place on May the 24th. DHL can cut the lead-time nearly in half by transporting the fresh seafood by airplane. By decreasing the lead-time, the company helps to greatly increase the likelihood that living crabs and other seafood will arrive at their destination alive. DHL plans to transport a wide assortment of marine life, including king crabs, shrimp, snow crabs, cod, scallop, salmon, haddock, and more. The service is actually a collaborative effort between the DHL family of divisions.

DHL Global Forwarding handles the freight processing, while the airplanes will be provided by DHL Express. The company has also expressed its desire to increase the number of flights from Oslo to Asia to at least three per week. Once the seafood has arrived in Oslo, nearly 90 percent will be delivered directly to Seoul, South Korea. An estimated 10 percent is shipped to destinations in America, China and Japan.

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