As more and more consumers are opting to cut the cord, traditional television service providers have been forced to adapt. Dish Network has already introduced the Sling TV, which has been marginally successful. The service reportedly had around one-million subscribers as of October of 2016. Sony has also managed to capture a share of the market with the PlayStation Vue. The Vue is much newer than Sling TV and had around 120,000 subscribers as of June 2016. The combination proves that live streaming television can be a success. DirecTV will be the next company to step up to the plate.

playstation vue streaming

DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, is expected to launch their streaming service on November the 28th. The launch will coincide with a New York launch event. AT&T has remained fairly mum regarding the service. In October, the company’s CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed that the streaming services would cost consumers $35 per month and would provide them with access to more than 100 channels.

The Sling TV service is much cheaper, while the PlayStation Vue’s cheapest package is ten dollars more expensive. Therefore, the DirecTV streaming offering will sit right in the middle of the table. However, it is important to know that Sling only offers access to around 20 channels, while the Vue provides 45 channels for the minimum fee. If the CEO’s words are true, the 100 channel offering from DirecTV will dwarf its competitors.

While the figure will definitely entice many, the quality of channels will be integral to the overall success of the service. At this point in time, nothing has been set in stone, but rumors have been abound. Some have suggested that Scripps, A+E Networks, NBCUniversal and Fox have already climbed on board. Nothing will be confirmed until the launch event on the 28th of November.

At the same time, consumers will be eager to find out precisely how the streaming service will work and what devices will be compatible. It is believed the DirecTV streaming service will work fluidly with Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV. To increase the number of consumers interested in the offering, AT&T will need to ensure the service works with as many devices as possible. And of course, it is highly likely the service will be available on PCs and Macs.

Those interested in learning more about the service will need to wait a bit longer. If DirecTV can bundle together the right channels and maintain the affordable $35 monthly subscription fee, their service may very well be the best solution for cord cutters.

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