RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and this technology has been used in certain areas for many years now. For instance, this technology has been implemented in the tracking industry and has proved to be very helpful for a wide array of different purposes. However, it has never been applied to fast information processing platforms, such as video games and real life applications.

That was until recently. Now, Disney researchers believe that they have found a way to apply this technology to real-time interactions. They call this new system RapID, and it utilizes probabilistic models, which enable computers to quickly read the movements of RFID tagged objects. One study was conducted with tic-tac-toe and it concluded that actual physical moves could be made through the use of a computer screen.

RFID tags are passive devices that do not require batteries or wiring. Due to this fact, a nearby RFID reader could read the information that is stored on the associated tags. Effectively, this means that almost any object could be made “smart” with a RFID tag.


Very Affordable Applications 

RFID tags only cost around 10 cents apiece. Thanks to the affordability, it could be possible to apply this technology to a variety of different items including craft materials, paper objects, and so much more. It is even possible that the objects could be created to be recyclable and disposable. All of this research was presented earlier this month in a video format at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing in San Jose.


Why Study This Technology?

Why is Disney conducting these kinds of studies? Well, it is possible that you remember the MagicBands, which where introduced in 2013. These bands allowed theme parks and hotel visitors to perform a variety of different objectives with RFID technology. For instance, visitors could unlock hotel rooms, visit certain ride, and even dine at some of the finest restaurants across Disney properties. Disney has had a lot of success with this type of technology and apparently wants to extend it to the rest of the world by applying it to real-time applications. The company could very well utilize the technology to create interactive attractions at their amusement park. The possibilities are endless.

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) traded down Friday by 1.17% to end at $100.52. The stock has a 52 week high of $122.08 and a low of $86.25.

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