Dole Foods has been in the news regularly as of late. The company went private approximately three years ago. In April of this year, Dole Foods again expressed interest in going public. The company planned to raise as much as $100 million in the offering. For the fiscal year through December 31, 2016, the company brought in revenues of $4.51 billion. During the period, the company had a net loss of $23.7 million.

In January of 2017, Dole Packaged Foods announced it would be shutting down its central Stockton food processing plant. The facility shut down at the end of January and led to the loss of 30 production and management jobs. At the time, a spokesman with the company said the closure was something “we wish we didn’t have to do.”

Ultimately, the company admitted that weak product sales played a role in the decision to close the plant. Now, it appears that the Dole Food Company will be shutting down another California plant. The Dole Food Company submitted a WARN notification with California on August the 7th of 2017. Apparently, the company will be permanently closing its Oxnard operations later this year.

According to the notification, the company will lay off 172 workers when the Oxnard operations are closed permanently on October 6, 2017. Broker Newswire has reached out to Dole Foods and California’s EDD. Both have declined to comment.

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