The creators of the innovative Presto Smart Dining System has announced the addition of extra entertainment content for the platform. E la Carte, which developed the Smart Dining System, has added several guest-facing games, such as titles from Duckie Deck, Kuris Games and Global Gaming Initiative. According to the company’s press release, the Presto System is now utilized in over 1,800 restaurants. With the new partnerships with game developers and independent entities, the Presto System now boasts more entertainment value than ever before.

The Presto Smart Dining System gives restaurants the ability to ease the frustrations of customer wait times, while also delivering a unique experience to their clients. Through the platform, customers can order, pay, and play games directly through the digital interface, without an employee being present. The company just recently added Stacy Rademacher, as their Head of Entertainment to bring additional entertainment content to the platform. To date, the platform now contains a total of 25 premium games.

The Presto features a built-on credit card reader with LED light, visual indicator for table status, and twenty or more hours of battery life. According to the company’s website, the Prestos are capable of paying for themselves upon the initial installation, thanks to higher sales, enhances operations, and more satisfied guests. E La Carte also boasts higher check average, improved waiter efficiency and faster table turns. Those interested in learning more about the Presto Smart Dining System should check out the company’s website at

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