On June the 10th, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) in conjunction with Hazelight, announced a new EA Originals game, A Way Out. The title, which comes from the creative minds behind the indie title, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, is expected to hit the market in early 2018. A Way Out is co-op only and is uniquely designed for the dual-player experience. Regardless of the situation, players will need to work together to find a way out. The game features a compelling narrative in which Leo and Vincent will embark on a dramatic and emotional adventure.

Along the way, the two men will engage in car chases, melee fights, stealth passages, and even shootouts. Executive Vice President of EA Worldwide Studio, Patrick Soderlund, is pleased to work with Hazelight. He confirms, “Josef and his team at Hazelight represent everything that EA Originals stands for. They’re a small and very talented group with a vision and passion for a game that is truly unique in the video game industry.”

hazelight ea a way out

Josef Fares, who is a Writer and Director at Hazelight, said of the game, “This game is going to bring a co-op experience unlike anything you have ever seen before.” Josef also went on to say that he wanted to create a co-op game that wasn’t a simple “drop-in/drop-out experience”. In A Way Out, players will enter a prison as either Leo or Vincent. While the two inmates do not know each other, they’ll build a relationship as they attempt to break out of the prison together.

The unique co-op experience is designed to be played with a friend on the couch or online. The title is being developed by Hazelight and will be available as a digital download. It is expected to hit the market for PC via Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018. Those interested in learning more about the title can do so by visiting http://www.awayoutgame.com.

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