The online auction platform has taken on a life of its own. Vehicles are frequently sold across such platforms, with little concern. Homes are a different story. An online auction website for high-tech industrial facilities would be unthinkable. Nonetheless, FRE believes there is a market for manufacturing plants and the online auction website has just launched an auction for a comprehensive manufacturing campus in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. LFC Group Of Companies, which owns FRE, has teamed up with Newmark Grubb/Pfefferle to conduct the online auction.

What will in the winning bidder receive? Approximately 142,000 square feet, 6 building, partially leased manufacturing campus. Overall, the buildings consist of approximately 7.8 acres of land. Unfortunately, FRE isn’t a penny auction site. Only minimum bids of $695,000 will be accepted. One of the six buildings is currently being leased on a monthly basis. The new owners will have the option of continuing the lease and generating a revenue or utilizing it for their existing business. The building complex was originally a Cray Supercomputer and Silicon Graphics site, so it best geared towards semiconductor research and development, as well as pilot line manufacturing.

Of course, the building campus could easily be adapted to accommodate other industries, including data centers, energy, and biomedical. Those that are interested in submitting a bid should visit Bids will be accepted until 5PM on September the 29th. The property is located at 1050 Lowater Road in Chippewa Falls.

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