On October the 17th, the smart home leader, ecobee Inc. unveiled their brand new smart home thermostat, the ecobee3 lite. The new thermostat is greatly improved over the previous version, yet will prove to be cost effective for consumers. In fact, the new device is approximately $80 less than the company’s alternatives as well as market competitors. The company insists their smart thermostat parallels many of the qualities of the more expensive alternatives, yet won’t drain consumers’ wallets. The ecobee3 lite is very similar to its predecessor in terms of style and appearance. The unit features a stylish and easy to use touchscreen interface.

The company has gone above and beyond to ensure their smart products are compatible with almost all preexisting platforms including those listed below.

  • Amazon’s Echo
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Apple HomeKit

The ecoobee3 lite is also compatible with the IFTTT protocol, which gives consumers the ability to automate the smart thermostat’s operation. According to the company’s press release, the ecobee will pay for itself in less than a year. The new ecobee3 lite will be launched alongside a new mobile application. The app will be available for Android and Apple devices at the time of its launch. The new app has been greatly improved and offers a new Installation Wizard, which provides consumers with insight into the functionality and features of their new smart thermostat.

The ecobee3 lite is expected to be compatible with approximately 95% of all heating and cooling systems within the United States. There is no need for a C-wire when the Power Extender Kit is present, so the installation is straightforward and simple. Also, some consumers may be eligible for a rebate from their local utility provider. Be sure to check out ecobee’s official website at ecobee.com to learn more. The ecobee3 lite will be launched in the United States on October the 31st of this year. At the low price of just $169, it will truly be a great addition to any smart home system. Canadian consumers can acquire their own ecobee3 lite smart home thermostat for just $219 CAD.

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