On Thursday, December 28, 2017, it was announced that a federal grand jury had found an Edna, Minnesota chiropractor and his patient recruiters guilty of insurance fraud conspiracy. The following individuals were found guilty for their participation in a multi-million dollar insurance fraud conspiracy.

  • 33-year-old Adam John Burke
  • 26-year-old Abdirahin Khalif Ibrahim
  • 36-year-old Dana Enoch Kidd

The trio was initially indicted on December 20, 2016. They were found guilty following a two-week trial. Beginning in 2012, Burke, who was a licensed Doctor of Chiropractor, was involved in a scheme to defraud automobile insurance companies by hiring patient recruiters or runners to solicit automobile accident victims. The victims were then treated at Burke’s clinic, Burke Chiropractic Center P.A.

Burke paid his runners between $1,000 and $2,000 for each patient they recruited, so he could bill services to the insurance company. Ibrahim and Kidd served as two runners. Burke attempted to disguise the scheme by writing checks to the runners using false descriptions in the memo lines. He also encouraged recruiters to form corporate entities with names that sounded like legitimate businesses.

In total, Burke wrote more than 280 checks totaling more than $590,000 to runners. 33-year-old Adam John Burke of Minneapolis, Minnesota was convicted of one county of conspiracy to commit fraud and 12 counts of mail fraud. 26-year-old Abdirahin Khalif Ibrahim of Saint Paul was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and three counts of mail fraud. 36-year-old Dana Enoch Kidd of Elk River was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and one count of mail fraud.

Additional details can be found here.

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