On May the 4th, ExxonMobil announced major updates to its mobile payment app, Speedpass+. Now, the app will be compatible with the Apple Watch and Ford’s SYNC 3, giving consumers more ways to pay at their local Exxon and Mobil station. The application makes it possible for consumers to purchase fuel and car washes directly through the app, Apple Watch or Ford SYNC 3 at approximately 10,000 stations throughout the United States. Ford introduced the AppLink technology for the SYNC 3 in early 2017. The latest Speedpass+ update gives user the ability to authorize payments using the vehicle’s touch screen or voice commands. Consumers that own a Ford vehicle will also be able to use the app to check the amount of fuel remaining in their tank, even if they’re away from the automobile.

The update also made the app compatible with Apple’s Watch, effectively giving consumers the option of authorizing a payment with a few clicks. This combination provides consumers with more options and more convenience than ever before. Several other updates have been added to the Speedpass+ app. Now, users of the app can access the Apply and Buy options to apply for an ExxonMobil Smart Card. If the consumer is approved, the card’s details will automatically be added to the app as a payment option, so they can begin using it almost immediately. To mark the launch of the feature, ExxonMobil will offer savings of 20 cents per gallon for the first 2 months for new accounts.

After the first 2 months, users will save 6 months on every gallon. The Smart Card savings can be used in conjunction with points earned through the company’s Plenti Loyalty Program. In order to begin earning Plenti points for Speedpass+ transactions, users need to sync their respective Plenti account with their Speedpass+ account. The Speedpass+ app ensures consumer’s data remains secure. The app is compatible with several payment options, including ExxonMobil Smart Cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung, and debit cards. Learn more about ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ here.

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