EyeQue prides itself on being the developer of the most cost-effective consumer-based vision technologies on the planet. The company, which rose to prominence after launching their Kickstarter campaign, announced the success of their personal vision tracker on March the 16th. Once this date, the company confirmed they had shipped more than 5,600 miniscopes to people across 81 countries. Initial shipments for 3,913 orders, which originated through the Kickstarter campaign, have already been fulfilled. The remaining orders are those placed through the company’s official website.

The company just launched their EyeQue online store in January of this year. Since then, the company has expanded to serve the markets of Canada and the United Kingdom. To keep up with global demand, the company has also launched a new Indiegogo campaign, while simultaneously seeking additional global distribution channels. The company has received valuable feedback from early customers and this information has helped the company assemble a roadmap, which they hope will guide them to a bright and successful future.

EyeQue encourages all users of their product to provide them with feedback directly through their website. The company is primarily known for their EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker, which is compatible with Android and iOS smart devices. The unique device connects to the smartphone and can then be utilized to test the user’s vision. The self-administered test gives users the ability to obtain refraction measurements, so they can order corrective glasses. The Personal Vision Tracker is far cheaper than visiting a doctor’s office and it can be used for an entire family.

The device is also compatible with the Cloud. Once the user has completed the test, their information will be transferred to the EyeQue Cloud, where it will be analyzed. Then, they’ll receive spherical, axis, and cylindrical figures. These are the same values that a conventional eye doctor would provide. To learn more about EyeQue, be sure to check out the company’s latest press release here.

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