On Friday, November 3, 2017, it was announced that five individuals had been charged via criminal complaints for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to create prescriptions for opioid pills. It is also alleged that the defendants unlawfully paid for the prescriptions using medical insurance. In many cases, the suspects allegedly distributed the pills to others in return for cash payments.

The following individuals have been charged.

  • 51-year-old Robert Rose
  • 58-year-old David Rose
  • 53-year-old Tammy Bonham
  • 28-year-old Victoria Coccia-Rose
  • 47-year-old Michael Slonski

The scheme was primarily based out of the State of Rhode Island. The defendants have been charged with conspiracy to unlawfully acquire or obtain possession of a controlled substance by fraud, to commit healthcare fraud, to commit aggravated identity theft, and to distribute a controlled substance. An investigation carried out by the Rhode Island FDA-OIC task force found that the participants were allegedly carrying out a scheme to manufacture fraudulent prescriptions using the identities, DEA numbers and signatures of medical practitioners, without their authorization.

Prescriptions of oxycodone were written and presented to pharmacies. In many cases, it is alleged that fraudulent use of medical insurance was used to pay for the illicit prescriptions. Most of the oxycodone pills obtained were sold to others for distribution.

Court documents reveal that it is alleged that Robert Rose acted as the ring leader and paid for individuals’ identities, health insurance information, and for medical practitioners’ names and DEA numbers. Then, Rose supposedly gave the information and special paper necessary to produce fraudulent prescriptions to another member of the conspiracy.

It is also alleged that Robert Rose ran the conspiracy while incarcerated at the Adult Correctional Institution. At this point in time, the defendants remain innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Additional details can be found here.

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