On August the 9th, OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, once again cited a North Florida roofing contractor for failing to take adequate steps to protect its workers from dangerous falls at two St. Augustine work sites.

Earlier this year, an OSHA inspector watched employees working on a rooftop without using proper fall protection. The workers were observed removing shingles and plywood from the roof of a multi-story residential structure in the Crescent Beach area. While employees were observed wearing harnesses, those harnesses were not tied off to anchors or rope grabs.

Great White employees were spotted working under similar conditions at a nearby worksite. This promoted a second inspection on behalf of OSHA’s regional enforcement program. The Jacksonville construction company, Great White Construction Inc., was cited with 14 violations with proposed penalties exceeding $1.5 million.

Due to the employer’s history of violations and the agency’s egregious citation policy, OSHA went on to issue 11 separate willful citations to the company for failing to adequately protect employees from fall hazards. OSHA also cited Great White for failing to make sure employees wore eye protection while utilizing nail guns.

OSHA’s Regional Administrator Kurt Petermeyer made a statement about the citations. “In the past five years, Great White Construction’s series of willful, serious, and repeat violations has demonstrated indifference towards the safety of their employees. The company allowed their employees to work without fall protection and made no reasonable effort to eliminate the hazard.”

Due to the repeated violations related to fall hazard, Great White has now been added to the agency’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program. Since 2012, Great White has been investigated 12 times, leading to the issuance of 22 citations linked to ladder safety, eye protection, and improper fall protection.

Great White Construction primarily works in the residential and commercial roofing areas. The company currently has a workforce of approximately 150 employees. Great White has fifteen business days after receiving the citations to contest the findings.

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