On Monday, it was announced that a former Boilermakers union official had been sentenced to 41 months in prison after being convicted of embezzlement and theft of Labor Union assets and tax evasion. 60-year-old Raymond Ventrone of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was sentenced on Monday. In additional to the prison sentence, Ventrone will also be required to serve three years of supervised released and to pay restitution to the Boilermakers Union, Zurich Surety and Financial Claims, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Court evidence showed that Ventrone caused Local 154 to lose approximately $3,000,000 over a four-and-a-half-year period between January of 2010 and June of 2015. After the thefts were discovered, the defendant was forced to resign as the Business Manager of Local 154. Ventrone’s job was the most powerful in the union. He used his power to authorize payments of retail goods that were of no use to the union.

At Ventrone’s direction, the following payments were made to various retail establishments.

  • Roughly $970,000 at Best Buy
  • $105,000 at the Apple Store
  • $10,623.95 on Coco Lunette eye glasses for the defendant
  • $26,000 on concrete work at the defendant’s home

It was also noted that Ventrone had unnecessarily involved his son, who was a former NFL player. He did so by renting him an expensive apartment on the Local’s property for a mere $500 per month. The loss to the union for the rent and furnishings was roughly $39,000. Again, 60-year-old Raymond Ventrone has been sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Additional details have been made available here.

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