On Friday, a jury convicted a former Broward County resident of access device fraud and identity theft following a three-day trial. 36-year-old Halima Ouedraogo of Kirkland, Washington was found guilty of access device fraud, possession of fifteen or more unauthorized access devices, and aggravated identity theft. Now, the defendant faces a maximum of ten years in prison for each access device fraud charge and a maximum of two years for each aggravated identity theft charge.

Ouedraogo is scheduled to be sentenced on November 9, 2017. During the trial, evidence showed that the defendant checked into a Fort Lauderdale hotel on August 4, 2015. The defendant checked into the hotel using a credit card account number and personal information belonging to someone who did not know her. They did not authorize the defendant to use or possess the card.

Ouedraogo remained at the hotel for three weeks and ordered meals, movies and other items. In total, she ran up a bill of more than $5,000. Eventually, the stolen card was declined and management began making inquiries. At this point, the defendant fled the hotel without paying. She checked into a nearby hotel and used another victim’s credit card account number, name and personal information.

Later that morning, the defendant was located and arrested. When searched, authorities found hundreds of names, dates of birth, social security numbers, bank account numbers, checkbooks, bank cards, vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and more personal information belonging to others. Again, the victims never authorized Ouedraogo to have or use their information.

Halima Ouedraogo has been found guilty by a jury. She will be sentenced on November 9, 2017.

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