Inauguration Day is right around the corner. President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to take office on January the 20th and FOX Business Network will be along for the ride. On inauguration day, the network will present special programming anchored by Neil Cavuto. The network will kick-off the event on January the 17th and will provide special coverage leading all the way up to the inauguration. Maria Bartiromo will broadcast live from Washington throughout the entire week, so viewers will feel like a part of the event no matter where they’re located.

The week’s programming will culminate on Friday, when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. To provide viewers with better coverage, many of FOX Business Network’s programs will be presented live in remote venues throughout the Washington area. This will begin on Thursday, January the 19th. Mornings with Maria, which runs from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, will kick off the event on Friday. Nevil Cavuto has been selected to cover the swearing-in ceremonies and the parade following thereafter.

Cavuto’s coverage will start at 11AM and end as 5PM Eastern. Throughout the event, FBN’s reporters will be providing on-the-ground updates. Peter Barnes will be live from the Capitol, Blake Burman will offer coverage from the White House, and Adam Shapiro will cover the parade route. Connell McShane will offer coverage from the National Mall, as well as updates from the night’s Inaugural balls. FOX Business Network was launched in October of 2007. Now, the network, which primarily focuses on financial news, is available in more than eighty million homes throughout the United States.

For more information about FBN’s comprehensive coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, be sure to check out their press release here.

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