Despite reporting very disappointing earnings during the previous quarter, Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) has continued plowing forward with the intention of providing their customers with the best service humanely possible. On February the 27th, it was reported that the company had teamed up with SES S.A. to begin testing SES’s 4K Ultra HD content delivery system. Frontier is one of the many multichannel video programming distributions to have trailed SES’s service, which aims to accelerate Ultra HD delivery to consumers throughout North America.

A growing number of television service providers have started evaluating SES’s satellite-based Ultra HD delivery. According to the company’s latest press release, many of these companies want to give their customers access to Ultra HD programming as early as this year. The unique service provided by SES delivers Ultra HD content through dedicated satellite bandwidth. SES suggests that this delivery method ensures a higher quality viewing experience, when compared to Internet delivery, which can experience hiccups due to bottlenecks, network congestion and buffering.

frontier communications ses 4k ultra hd

SES’s platform is currently home to 9 linear Ultra HD channels. The company boasts the largest bundle of Ultra HD content in North America. On February the 28th, SES also announced that six additional cable operators in the United States had decided to trial the service. Among these operators were Service Electric, Shrewsbury Community Cable, GVTC Communications, and Highlands Cable Group. To learn more about the 4K Ultra HD content delivery system, be sure to check out the company’s press release here.

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